Many wild animals worldwide are being kept in heartbreaking conditions. Though many people disagree with such treatment many are not doing anything to protect and help these helpless animals. Heinous people across the world are forcing magnificent animals such as lions, bears, dolphins, whales and many more into a life of torture and exploitation all in the name of entertainment.

As human’s we have the power to end such suffering by protecting and conserving wildlife in their natural habitat. There are multiple organisations that shout for the protection of these animals, providing us – today’s society with the knowledge and power of what we can do to help. Everyone of us has a part to play no matter how big or small. Adopt an animal, report exploitation, donate, fundraise or volunteer. Ever little helps. Animals whether in the wild or captivity are all important and deserve our time and compassion to preserve their nature.

So many animals are confined into conditions that threaten the lifespan of many species. Many people use zoo’s as a form of entertainment to view animal’s they would not see elsewhere. Although, there are so many animal welfare issues people fail to see. The space that animals are confined in are often restricted in terms of space and more often than not the enclosures do not contain the right necessities for the animals. This often results in premature deaths of these magnificent animals as well as abnormal behaviour. Though there are many debates that suggest animals born into captivity no nothing more than their enclosure. To an extent, this is true. However, no human can remove an animals natural instincts. Animal’s are forced to perform a crowd and to entertain human’s but who are we to say animal’s are a form of entertainment? Animal’s in circuses and shows are littered with evidence that compromise animal welfare. Do a duty for these animal’s and do not endorse this.

For more information on animal welfare in zoo’s please have a read of the extended conditions animals endure on the Born Free site.

There are so many organisations that dedicate their life to helping captive animals. But they cannot continue their work without the help from YOU. Help now, help the future of wildlife. Protect the wildlife.


Do your little bit to help.

Travel Plans 2020

Next year I will be embarking on one of the biggest adventures I have ever decided to take. I will be backpacking Thailand and Bali and maybe a few stops in Vietnam and Cambodia (If I can save the money of course). Plans for this trip started in my final year of University where I was worried over my next steps for the future.

What would I do once I had graduated? Would I get a good degree? Would I find a job?

And backpacking was nothing but a dream. However, as I came to live back home and I began to think more about my future I realised travelling was something that I had to do. In mid 2019 my 2020 travel plans began to take place. I watched numerous travel vlogs, read blogs and researched way too many travel tours. Ultimately, I have decided to use TruTravels and IntroTravels. Both tour guides consist of group tours with travel packages, which prices include accommodation, activities and some meals. Perfect for the first time backpacker and perfect for the first time SOLO traveller.

When and where would I go?

After plenty of google research upon the weather temperature and rainfall I found that if to travel to Thailand the temperature is pretty similar all year round. Therefore, there is no right or wrong month. However, it is probably best to note that though the sun might be shining the rain may be pouring through the months of June to October, where there is a higher chance of rainfall.

Bali on the other hand has pretty similar weather conditions with the temperature reaching 30 degrees almost every month. Conversely, Bali has higher chances of rainfall through from January to March and October to December.

How much money would I save up?

After having many conversations with others who have backpacked around Asian countries and looking into many articles upon the price difference of England to Thailand. I decided I wanted at least £6,000 or £7,000 that includes the cost off flights, trips and spend whilst travelling. To reach this goal I have been working two jobs every weekday and weekend and putting so much money away each month. To reach a goal you have to work hard!

What trips do I want to take?

Looking at each and every trip that TruTravels and IntroTravels had to offer I finally came to a conclusion of which tours I wanted to take.

23 Day Northern Thailand & Full Moon

Experience a bit of everything with our Northern Thailand and Full Moon Experience. Start in Bangkok and finish in Koh Phangan as we take you to all the famous hotspots and some less known favourites. From visiting temples to snorkeling boat trips, and of course the world famous Full Moon Party. There are so many activities on this trip, giving you a well-rounded balance between culture, partying and island adventure.



River cruise on the River Kwai
Erawan waterfalls day trip
Half-day bike ride around Ayutthaya ruins
Chiang Mai temple visits
2 Day Jungle Trek
Overnight Hill Tribe village stay
Half day zip-lining
Elephant sanctuary
Lod Cave visit
Pai’s hot springs
Cooking class
Day trip to Chiang Mai Canyon Bangkok River Cruise & Temples
Thai Massage & Overnight Train
Khao Sok National Park
Floating Bungalows
Swimming, Tubing & Kayaking
Boat Trip Around Koh Phangan
Snorkelling & Waterfalls (Seasonal)
Bottle Beach
Muay Thai Lesson
The Challenge Lake
ATV Riding (optional extra)
Sunset Pool Party
Full Moon Party!

Bali & Beyond

Our amazing Bali & Beyond trip takes you through some of Indonesia’s most epic destinations – From the awesome surfer town of Canggu, through the rice terraces of Ubud and tropical paradise of the Gili Islands. We then head off on an adventure east to the traditional villages and stunning waterfalls of Lombok before boarding our private live-aboard boat and set sail for 3 days. You will explore remote hidden beaches, epic viewpoints before landing at the Komodo Islands and meeting the dragons who still roam freely across the land. If you want to see some of the best bits of Bali and undiscovered Indonesia…This is the adventure for you!



Taman Ayun Temple
Tanah Lot Temple
Surf Lesson
Tegenungan Waterfall
Local Markets
Cooking class
Monkey Forest visit
Rice Terraces
Volcano Viewpoint
Snorkelling with Turtles
Bike tour around Gili T Visit Sasak Village
Benang Kelambu Waterfall
Beach hopping
Moyo Island
3D/2N Live-aboard boat trip
Epic Viewpoints
Snorkelling with Mantas
Pink Beach
Komodo Islands

Vietnam & Cambodia

Experience the best of Vietnam and Cambodia on our biggest adventure yet! Over 21 incredible days you’ll discover crazy Hanoi, experience the stunning Ha Long Bay, stay on your own private island, go crab fishing with traditional fisherman, soak up fascinating local culture, learn to cook delicious Vietnamese food, snorkel around tropical islands, explore the famous Angkor Wat temple and much more!



Walking & Rickshaw Tour of Hanoi
Night out in Hanoi
Overnight Boat Trip on Ha Long Bay
Sea Kayaking
Private Island Stay
Local Homestay Experience
Bicycle Tour of Ninh Binh
River Boat Cruise
Dragon Mountain Viewpoint
Visit Local Markets
Basket Boat Crab Fishing 
Vietnamese Cooking Class
Mekong Delta Experience
Local Village Visit
Cu Chi Tunnels
S21 Prison With Local Guide
Tuk Tuk Tour Through Phnom Penh
Locally Guided Tour of the Killing Fields
Kayaking Trip
Koh Rong Island Boat Trip
Sunset Cruise
Local Markets
Pepper Plantation
Khmer Cooking Class
Locally Guided Walking Tour of Siem Reap
Floating Villages 
Angkor Wat Sunrise Temple Tour
Farewell Dinner


I’ve lived in Nottingham now for nearly three years. I still cannot believe it has been that long. Though I moved here initially for University, I can happily say that I don’t regret it and have truly enjoyed my time here. However, my time at University is slowly but surely coming to an end; thus, I thought what better way to end such an exciting and significant part of my life by sharing it with the internet. Therefore, it can live on forever.


If you have never heard of Nottingham, don’t worry, because I hadn’t either, it took me applying to University after University to discover such a city. A city packed with quirky little bars, exciting nightlife and of course an extensive shopping scene perfect for the fashionistas or vintage lovers. It is a place for everyone to enjoy.

If visiting Nottingham, even if for a few days, you will never find yourself bored. Though I haven’t explored the bars as much as I wish (due to my University lifestyle) the ones I have visited are eccentric and a must if you’re old enough to drink. Though, few are even open during the day where you can grab a bite to eat. My top picks for you would be:


And of course, there’s many more that you need to explore. But that is something you can find yourself, have an adventure in the cities hidden places and find what I haven’t. Something, I have explored just a touch more. Is the nightlife. Of course, me being a student, I’ve probably been to every club night on every day that is possible. Although I tend to stick to the student nights because it is a lot cheaper than the average weekend.

  • Dirty Monday’s @ Pom Pom: £1 guest list for students before half 11 and £6 tickets for any time later. I’ve frequently visited this venue on a Monday and have always enjoyed my time here. Consisting of two rooms, main room, which plays a range of music and the RnB room which obviously plays RnB.
  • Tape Tuesdays @ Pryzm: First-year me would have never missed a single tape Tuesday. I loved it with a passion. £6 tickets or pay on the door, though there is a chance you might not make it into the venue. With 6 rooms that all have a different style and vibe to them. Though the favourites would have to be PRYZM room that plays chart and techno music, Vinyl that plays the cheesiest yet the best music of all and finally RnB that I can stand for 10 minutes before wanting to leave.
  • Ocean Wednesdays @ Ocean: probably the best night of all. Especially for Trent Students. 100% a student club only being allowed entry if you have a student card. Tickets are extremely difficult to get hold off, mainly getting hold of them through a society or queuing ALL NIGHT. Which, although I have never done. I don’t blame those who have. I mean, it’s a fancy dress themed club!
  • Tuned Thursdays and Get Lucky @ Rock City: I think every student in Nottingham can safely say that Rock City is one of the best clubs. It had three rooms and a balcony making it very spacious and therefore room for everyone to dance in any stupid way they can. Out of the two nights, however, Thursday is the better night in my opinion.
  • Saturday: you have the choice of any mentioned club though the pricing will be a lot more expensive. Or, consider some bars and go and explore the hidden places.
  • Sunday: Typically not a day to go out, however, Bowery is the place to go. A small venue but perfect for an intimate night with friends listening to chill R n B music. And, if you get bored during the night adventure down to Propaganda where the drinks are cheap and the night is long. Props are open until 5am… 5am!!

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Brighton: Fun at the seaside

Now Brighton is most likely one of my favourite places to visit in England. Especially during the summer. I’ve been a couple of times now, and I’ve enjoyed every experience and every time I’ve adventured down there. In comparison to my hometown, St Helens which can be somewhat boring a dull – Brighton is creative, quirky and diverse. What is not to love?


Luckily for me, my uncles had an apartment in Hove that wasn’t too far away from the seafront and just a short walk from the town itself. The best of both worlds. Brighton has everything for everyone – and when I say that, I really mean it. It has pubs and bars for adults, arcades and fair for all and children’s play areas running along the beach front. Not only does it have all this but independent and eccentric shops down small lanes. My most favourite shops and places I’d advise you to visit would be, Collectif, To Be Worn Again, Beyond Retro and Snoopers Attic – that is if you’re into the vintage outlandish stores. If not, there’s not to worry. There are also shops such as Topshop, New Look and Primark. Not only is there a range of vintage clothing shops, but there is also plenty of quirky stores that sell everything from vinyl, posters, stationery and even chocolate. Leading onto one of Brighton’s most famous stores – even appearing on TV is Choccywoccydoodah and if you are a chocolate lover, without a doubt you will absolutely adore this store. The store sells a variety of cakes, chocolate gifts and even merchandise. Let’s not forget the cafe. The cafe is small and above the chocolate store. Only a small amount of people are allowed in the cafe itself, having numerous people come back later in the day as it is constantly busy. However, it is definitely worth the wait just to have a taste of their delicious chocolate.

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Other places that I’d advice you to see if you’re taking a trip is the Royal Pavilion, the former royal residence in Brighton. Initially, it was built as a retreat for George, Prince of Wales in 1787. In the style of Indo-Saracenic revival but has since been transformed into a history museum. If you’re worried about money, don’t be. Admission is pretty cheap being £13.50 for adults and children aged 5-15 at £8.00 and of course, discounts depending on your age and where you live. For more information, just follow this link  where you can explore the depths of the Royal Pavillion.

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Though Brighton is a large seaside resort with plenty to do, London is only a short train journey away and for those who love city culture, like me, it is definitely worth the visit. On my trip from Brighton to London, I have managed to explore the exquisite range of shops that London has to offer, as well as Buckingham Palace and of course the beautiful theatre life.