20th Birthday

I don’t usually write such personal blog posts. However, I thought that by writing about my private lifestyle will allow my readers to feel as though they know and can relate to me on a much more personal level. On the 31st March 2018, I celebrated my 20th birthday alongside my friend Tom whose birthday happens to be the day after, April Fools day. I was taking that step out of the teenage life and officially becoming an adult. If I could insert an eye roll emoji here, I would. Who wants to become an adult? Everything is only downhill from here, right? Hopefully not.

I’ve decided to reflect on my life so far and see what I have achieved. First of all, I completed my A-Levels – something irritably stressful yet completely worth it and satisfying once finished. I made it to University, never mind University I made it to the second year. Something I’m still very confused about to this day. Currently, I’m finishing up the second year and deciding on future plans for my third and final year. How terrifying! I’ve started a work placement for a travel app, Travamigos and I’m looking at my future career prospects. It’s scary becoming an adult but somehow, it’s reliving. After education after education, you can finally start to see where your life is heading.

So, on March 30th my friends sent me and my friend Tom on a little surprise birthday trip. Of course, the days building up to this we were incredibly touchy simply due to the fact we couldn’t bare not knowing something that everyone knew. It was a painful couple of days. Thankfully, they sent us to a small farm in Nottingham as they know our love for animals and that’s where we spent the majority of the day. 20-year-olds turning 2. It was great! We got to feed animals such as goats, donkeys and cows – who knew that a cows tongue was so rough and hard. Other than this, we got to hold baby chicks. I mean, the one I held definitely wanted to escape rather than a little cuddle.

When we got home, our housemates were still decorating the living room for our night out. Therefore, we were banished to our bedrooms – and I pretty much just lay in bed until it was time to get ready and party. The living room was super cute! They had foil balloons across our wall that read ‘Happy Bday’ and two large foil balloons that read our age. We would have just been happy with the foil balloons. Other than this, they had spread nibble food across the table, you know just to make sure your stomach is lined before drinking. It was fabulous.

As for presents, they all put in money to send us to the farm, which we couldn’t be more grateful for and bought us some expensive alcohol. As well as this, I got a travel and photography book that I completely adore, a salt lamp – something I’ve been after for a while now and some candles. Then, we proceeded to dance the night away in one of our favourite clubs, Rock City. It was the perfect way not only to celebrate our birthday but the end of term also. So thank you, friends. You made the night truly magnificent and I love you all.


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