What I want to achieve in 2019

As you all know, 2018 is slowly but surely coming to an end. Christmas is well on its way and New Year’s Eve is on the horizon. So I decided, after reading @HannahLouisa_xo‘s tweet: That I would write about all my goals for the new year and hopefully, this time next year I will be able to reflect upon what I have achieved and what I haven’t.

  • Successfully finish my final year at University with a degree I AM happy with. This is important to me as Uni has been a massive part of my life for so many years. I’ve met some of my best friends, studied until early hours in the morning, partied until early hours in the morning, however, I’ve also experienced some negativity – that I won’t delve into – that I believe has changed me as a person. I aim to leave University overall with a 2.1 or above. Wish me luck.
  • Become more active in the blogging community. This is something I’ve already begun to attempt. However, not only do I want to become more active, I would like to become friends – maybe even close – with other bloggers. I see such friendships pasted all over Twitter and I just want to be apart of it *insert desperate cry face here*.
  • Catch up on the books I have missed out on. This probably is not my biggest goal for 2019 but it is A goal. I love to read, which is probably good considering I study English Literature at Uni. Although, since I’ve been studying I haven’t had the time to read the books I want to read and thus, I feel I may have lost the enjoyment I once felt when I was younger. I want this back, please.
  • Save some money. I have a little problem that is called spending too much money. Therefore, I hope to stop this spending habit and save up a little cash so I can maybe one day get my own little flat/apartment once I have finished Uni. That is the dream ay!

Of course, I had plenty of other goals that I would love to achieve in 2019. However, the more I began to think into them the more I realised most of them are pretty unrealistic. So, the goals I’ve shared are the goals I actually want to try and achieve by the end of 2019. The little side goals I have are:

  • Attempt the gym maybe once or twice a week? I am not sure how realistic this is. But I will try (I think).
  • Find a job that I actually enjoy, even better why not a graduate job.
  • I would love to commit to weekly me time. Maybe an hour or two where I sit, read a book, write a diary – anything that allows me to have one on one time with myself.
  • I would surprisingly like to start writing a fiction novel. I’ve always loved to write, and my first career aspiration was to become an author. So why not attempt a childhood dream?
  • Travel to at least one country during 2019. This all, of course, depends on my money situation, which, as of now does not look too bright.

Hopefully, I can achieve my main goals by the end of 2019 and maybe even some of my other little side goals. Let’s see how this plays out so I can update you next year telling you all. I DID IT!

What are your goals for the new year?


19 thoughts on “What I want to achieve in 2019

  1. Some great goals! I definitely want to get integrated in to the blogging community more in 2019 too. I’ve also got longer term goals to make the first steps towards but that requires some saving of my own.

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  2. I reaaaally relate on the book reading and saving money ones! Those are on my list as well. Weekly me time also sounds like a wonderful idea, it’s so easy to forget about yourself, so I might add that one to my list as well! Would be very interested to hear about your novel writing as well! Great post, lovely x

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    1. I hope that you achieve them, it’s just been such a busy year. I’d love to just have a dedicated time to myself, I think it should be for everyone. It’s just a little something I’ve always wanted to do so I’m sure i’ll be tweeting about it if I ever decide to write xx


  3. Good luck with your 2019 goals! I have an extensive 2019 reading list! When I was studying, all my pleasure reading was put to one side – time for some me time now 🙂

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  4. Fantastic blog I loved reading this and good luck with all your goals. This is the first blog post of your test I’ve read and I’m definitely going to be following your blog and I can’t wait to read more. Keep up the fantastic work

    Jack Deyes

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  5. I love your blog goals! You’re so lovely I’m sure you’ll make so many friends here, including meeee! And my best advice to uni stuff, start looking/applying for jobs now whenever you can. The post uni depression/slump is so horrible. And I love your personal goals too, especially the “me time” one, I can defo relate! I need to write out my goals soon yay!!


  6. These are great goals. I would love to travel more in 2019. I have two holidays booked for 2019 so far but I would love to go on more. Writing a novel sounds amazing. I want to be more active in the blogging community too. I have been slacking recently!!


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