I’ve lived in Nottingham now for nearly three years. I still cannot believe it has been that long. Though I moved here initially for University, I can happily say that I don’t regret it and have truly enjoyed my time here. However, my time at University is slowly but surely coming to an end; thus, I thought what better way to end such an exciting and significant part of my life by sharing it with the internet. Therefore, it can live on forever.


If you have never heard of Nottingham, don’t worry, because I hadn’t either, it took me applying to University after University to discover such a city. A city packed with quirky little bars, exciting nightlife and of course an extensive shopping scene perfect for the fashionistas or vintage lovers. It is a place for everyone to enjoy.

If visiting Nottingham, even if for a few days, you will never find yourself bored. Though I haven’t explored the bars as much as I wish (due to my University lifestyle) the ones I have visited are eccentric and a must if you’re old enough to drink. Though, few are even open during the day where you can grab a bite to eat. My top picks for you would be:


And of course, there’s many more that you need to explore. But that is something you can find yourself, have an adventure in the cities hidden places and find what I haven’t. Something, I have explored just a touch more. Is the nightlife. Of course, me being a student, I’ve probably been to every club night on every day that is possible. Although I tend to stick to the student nights because it is a lot cheaper than the average weekend.

  • Dirty Monday’s @ Pom Pom: £1 guest list for students before half 11 and £6 tickets for any time later. I’ve frequently visited this venue on a Monday and have always enjoyed my time here. Consisting of two rooms, main room, which plays a range of music and the RnB room which obviously plays RnB.
  • Tape Tuesdays @ Pryzm: First-year me would have never missed a single tape Tuesday. I loved it with a passion. £6 tickets or pay on the door, though there is a chance you might not make it into the venue. With 6 rooms that all have a different style and vibe to them. Though the favourites would have to be PRYZM room that plays chart and techno music, Vinyl that plays the cheesiest yet the best music of all and finally RnB that I can stand for 10 minutes before wanting to leave.
  • Ocean Wednesdays @ Ocean: probably the best night of all. Especially for Trent Students. 100% a student club only being allowed entry if you have a student card. Tickets are extremely difficult to get hold off, mainly getting hold of them through a society or queuing ALL NIGHT. Which, although I have never done. I don’t blame those who have. I mean, it’s a fancy dress themed club!
  • Tuned Thursdays and Get Lucky @ Rock City: I think every student in Nottingham can safely say that Rock City is one of the best clubs. It had three rooms and a balcony making it very spacious and therefore room for everyone to dance in any stupid way they can. Out of the two nights, however, Thursday is the better night in my opinion.
  • Saturday: you have the choice of any mentioned club though the pricing will be a lot more expensive. Or, consider some bars and go and explore the hidden places.
  • Sunday: Typically not a day to go out, however, Bowery is the place to go. A small venue but perfect for an intimate night with friends listening to chill R n B music. And, if you get bored during the night adventure down to Propaganda where the drinks are cheap and the night is long. Props are open until 5am… 5am!!

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Brighton: Fun at the seaside

Now Brighton is most likely one of my favourite places to visit in England. Especially during the summer. I’ve been a couple of times now, and I’ve enjoyed every experience and every time I’ve adventured down there. In comparison to my hometown, St Helens which can be somewhat boring a dull – Brighton is creative, quirky and diverse. What is not to love?


Luckily for me, my uncles had an apartment in Hove that wasn’t too far away from the seafront and just a short walk from the town itself. The best of both worlds. Brighton has everything for everyone – and when I say that, I really mean it. It has pubs and bars for adults, arcades and fair for all and children’s play areas running along the beach front. Not only does it have all this but independent and eccentric shops down small lanes. My most favourite shops and places I’d advise you to visit would be, Collectif, To Be Worn Again, Beyond Retro and Snoopers Attic – that is if you’re into the vintage outlandish stores. If not, there’s not to worry. There are also shops such as Topshop, New Look and Primark. Not only is there a range of vintage clothing shops, but there is also plenty of quirky stores that sell everything from vinyl, posters, stationery and even chocolate. Leading onto one of Brighton’s most famous stores – even appearing on TV is Choccywoccydoodah and if you are a chocolate lover, without a doubt you will absolutely adore this store. The store sells a variety of cakes, chocolate gifts and even merchandise. Let’s not forget the cafe. The cafe is small and above the chocolate store. Only a small amount of people are allowed in the cafe itself, having numerous people come back later in the day as it is constantly busy. However, it is definitely worth the wait just to have a taste of their delicious chocolate.

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Other places that I’d advice you to see if you’re taking a trip is the Royal Pavilion, the former royal residence in Brighton. Initially, it was built as a retreat for George, Prince of Wales in 1787. In the style of Indo-Saracenic revival but has since been transformed into a history museum. If you’re worried about money, don’t be. Admission is pretty cheap being £13.50 for adults and children aged 5-15 at £8.00 and of course, discounts depending on your age and where you live. For more information, just follow this link  where you can explore the depths of the Royal Pavillion.

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Though Brighton is a large seaside resort with plenty to do, London is only a short train journey away and for those who love city culture, like me, it is definitely worth the visit. On my trip from Brighton to London, I have managed to explore the exquisite range of shops that London has to offer, as well as Buckingham Palace and of course the beautiful theatre life.