Back to School? No, just my outfit.

So I’m finally here with my first fashion related post – something I believe has been a long time coming as I absolutely love fashion. Thus, I thought I’d share my current favourite outfit that I’ve been wearing continuously since I bought it (don’t worry I have changed up the pieces and paired them with a variety of things). My standard style would be somewhat girly yet ALWAYS and is a MUST for my style to work (for me at least) is to make it a little quirky and somewhat vintage. Though I am very lazy and spend the majority of my time in my joggers or an oversized jumper I love to get myself dressed up when I’m leaving the house and one fashion item that I love, is definitely the pinafore.

Shirt: Primark
Pinafore: Topshop
Coat: H&M
Shoes: Public Desire

I get my inspiration from a variety of people as I love to explore different looks every now and then. However, my absolute favourite fashion inspirations are Audrey Hepburn, Alexa Chung, Rachel Green (I know I know, she’s just a character, but she’s a character with an amazing fashion sense), Jane Birkin and of course, Twiggy.

The pinafore I am wearing is super comfy, denim and black. My three (current) favourite things. I prefer to layer a long sleeve shirt or jumper underneath, usually in a bright or patterned colour to give it an eye popping look. Shoes, I believe you can pair the outfit with any sort of shoe however, definitely NOT trainers. I like to pair the pinafore with a chelsea ankle boot or something more dainty.

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