Many wild animals worldwide are being kept in heartbreaking conditions. Though many people disagree with such treatment many are not doing anything to protect and help these helpless animals. Heinous people across the world are forcing magnificent animals such as lions, bears, dolphins, whales and many more into a life of torture and exploitation all in the name of entertainment.

As human’s we have the power to end such suffering by protecting and conserving wildlife in their natural habitat. There are multiple organisations that shout for the protection of these animals, providing us – today’s society with the knowledge and power of what we can do to help. Everyone of us has a part to play no matter how big or small. Adopt an animal, report exploitation, donate, fundraise or volunteer. Ever little helps. Animals whether in the wild or captivity are all important and deserve our time and compassion to preserve their nature.

So many animals are confined into conditions that threaten the lifespan of many species. Many people use zoo’s as a form of entertainment to view animal’s they would not see elsewhere. Although, there are so many animal welfare issues people fail to see. The space that animals are confined in are often restricted in terms of space and more often than not the enclosures do not contain the right necessities for the animals. This often results in premature deaths of these magnificent animals as well as abnormal behaviour. Though there are many debates that suggest animals born into captivity no nothing more than their enclosure. To an extent, this is true. However, no human can remove an animals natural instincts. Animal’s are forced to perform a crowd and to entertain human’s but who are we to say animal’s are a form of entertainment? Animal’s in circuses and shows are littered with evidence that compromise animal welfare. Do a duty for these animal’s and do not endorse this.

For more information on animal welfare in zoo’s please have a read of the extended conditions animals endure on the Born Free site.

There are so many organisations that dedicate their life to helping captive animals. But they cannot continue their work without the help from YOU. Help now, help the future of wildlife. Protect the wildlife.


Do your little bit to help.

Getting in shape for your travels

If you have read my previous post you will know I am taking a massive journey in the year 2020. However, before I embark on that journey I want to make sure that I am fit and healthy. In this post I will be discussing my current exercise routine and how I motivate myself to go to the gym.

Now I’ve never been a big fitness freak, though in the past year or so I have definitely upped my gym game. I think, rather than forcing yourself to love going to the gym, attempt to find the right workout that suits you. If you go to the gym with friends or family, don’t follow their routine if it doesn’t fit the type of workout you need. Everyone is different. I find it important to find a gym that is local and easily accessible. Whilst I was in University I never really ventured out of my comfort zone, walked straight to the girls only section did an hour or two of exercise and then left. Then went and ate some fast food. Not the healthiest.

Inspire yourself. Going to the gym I know, is difficult. Believe me it takes all off my effort and energy to pull myself from the comfort of my home and into the gym. Nonetheless, if you want a toned body like those you see plastered across social media you need to work for it. No changes will happen overnight or from one gym session. Focus on your goals and push yourself to complete them. If you have 5 minutes left out of 30 on the running machine, don’t quit PUSH yourself to do those last 5 minutes even if your legs feel like they’re running a million miles ahead off you. If you’re a newly gym goer and want to monitor your progress and strongly steer you away from the scales. Nothing good comes from staring at numbers. I prefer to take photos of myself weekly or monthly so I can visually see the change in my body.

I go to an Everlast Gym in my town and I must say I have always been impressed with facilities that the gym has to offer. Multiple classes are available to meet the needs of every individual. Personally, I don’t attend any classes as I find they don’t suit the type of workout I want PLUS they cost extra money and I simply don’t have the money right now 😦

  1. The first thing I do when I get into the gym is sit on the rowing machine as it gets your heart racing and ready for the rest of your workout. It also gives you a strong upper and lower-body workout. I do this for around 10 minutes, which allows me to wake up (if I’m doing an early morning workout) and get my body warmed up.
  2. Depending on whether I am focusing on me legs or arms I’ll head over to the machines and focus on a specific area. I usually try and use as many of the machines as I can and do 3 sets of 20 (10 on a bad day). This doesn’t change whether I’m doing my legs and or arms. However, I often adventure over to the free weights when I’m with my auntie (she give’s me the confidence with weights as she knows what she is doing) and do some weight training, starting with a smaller weight so I’m not doing any damage.
  3. Up next is the floor workout. I grab a mat and use a mixture of kettle bells, dumbbells and slam balls. Here I begin to do ab workout which usually consists off 3 sets of 15: sit ups, sitting twists, knee to elbow crunches, elbow plank and elbow plank crunches.

Now I try to mix up my workouts as often as I feel is needed so my workout doesn’t become boring and routine. I think this is very important as changing your workout can motivate and somewhat excite you for your next workout knowing it is something different to your usual routine.

Life in Photographs #4

As 2018 comes to an end, I realised I started my blog with a little series called Life in Photographs. Something I believe will be a great addition to my blog as it allows me to reflect upon some special moments as well as portray my photography (though this post is mainly iPhone captured as I haven’t had the time to use my camera in the last year).

So, my year started with my continuing friendships with those who I had become close with during University. In my second year, I had moved into a student house with four other people and though, second year – for me wasn’t me best I was surrounded by the best people who helped me through whatever I was struggling with and I couldn’t be more thankful.

For my birthday, my mum decided to take me on a small trip to Haarlem, Holland (you can read all about Haarlem over on the Travamigos site) to visit my uncles who live over there. It was a beautiful trip with amazing sights. I also got some selfies with some goats that may or may not be a highlight of my journey. Though it was beautiful and if you’re ever interested, give it a go. However, I would not go for too long as I found myself with little to do on the third day as the town is small and therefore easy to cover everything within two days.

Me and one of my friends and house mates, Tom finally turned 20 on March 31st and April 1st. Weirdly enough, our birthdays are right next to each other. Thus, we celebrated together and with some of our bestest friends.

Now I just had to throw in some pictures of my dogs because they truly was the highlight of my entire 2018. Not even a lie. Look at their faces, what is not to love about them? They came with myself and my family on trips to Wales and Cornwall and got to see some spectacular views.

I hope that you’re 2019 fills you with joy and excitement and hopefully tons of amazing adventures.

Life in Photographs #3

Hello everyone!

If you’ve been following me on my social media accounts, you might know that I travelled 6 hours from my home town to sunny Looe in Cornwall with my mum her girlfriend, my sister and our two little doggies. Whilst I was there, I happened to take countless and countless amounts of pictures, in which I though I’d share here.



I hope you enjoyed looking at these images as I enjoyed capturing them. I have posted some images upon my Instagram, which you can view by clicking here.