Brighton: Fun at the seaside

Now Brighton is most likely one of my favourite places to visit in England. Especially during the summer. I’ve been a couple of times now, and I’ve enjoyed every experience and every time I’ve adventured down there. In comparison to my hometown, St Helens which can be somewhat boring a dull – Brighton is creative, quirky and diverse. What is not to love?


Luckily for me, my uncles had an apartment in Hove that wasn’t too far away from the seafront and just a short walk from the town itself. The best of both worlds. Brighton has everything for everyone – and when I say that, I really mean it. It has pubs and bars for adults, arcades and fair for all and children’s play areas running along the beach front. Not only does it have all this but independent and eccentric shops down small lanes. My most favourite shops and places I’d advise you to visit would be, Collectif, To Be Worn Again, Beyond Retro and Snoopers Attic – that is if you’re into the vintage outlandish stores. If not, there’s not to worry. There are also shops such as Topshop, New Look and Primark. Not only is there a range of vintage clothing shops, but there is also plenty of quirky stores that sell everything from vinyl, posters, stationery and even chocolate. Leading onto one of Brighton’s most famous stores – even appearing on TV is Choccywoccydoodah and if you are a chocolate lover, without a doubt you will absolutely adore this store. The store sells a variety of cakes, chocolate gifts and even merchandise. Let’s not forget the cafe. The cafe is small and above the chocolate store. Only a small amount of people are allowed in the cafe itself, having numerous people come back later in the day as it is constantly busy. However, it is definitely worth the wait just to have a taste of their delicious chocolate.

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Other places that I’d advice you to see if you’re taking a trip is the Royal Pavilion, the former royal residence in Brighton. Initially, it was built as a retreat for George, Prince of Wales in 1787. In the style of Indo-Saracenic revival but has since been transformed into a history museum. If you’re worried about money, don’t be. Admission is pretty cheap being £13.50 for adults and children aged 5-15 at £8.00 and of course, discounts depending on your age and where you live. For more information, just follow this link  where you can explore the depths of the Royal Pavillion.

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Though Brighton is a large seaside resort with plenty to do, London is only a short train journey away and for those who love city culture, like me, it is definitely worth the visit. On my trip from Brighton to London, I have managed to explore the exquisite range of shops that London has to offer, as well as Buckingham Palace and of course the beautiful theatre life. 

Life in Photographs #4

As 2018 comes to an end, I realised I started my blog with a little series called Life in Photographs. Something I believe will be a great addition to my blog as it allows me to reflect upon some special moments as well as portray my photography (though this post is mainly iPhone captured as I haven’t had the time to use my camera in the last year).

So, my year started with my continuing friendships with those who I had become close with during University. In my second year, I had moved into a student house with four other people and though, second year – for me wasn’t me best I was surrounded by the best people who helped me through whatever I was struggling with and I couldn’t be more thankful.

For my birthday, my mum decided to take me on a small trip to Haarlem, Holland (you can read all about Haarlem over on the Travamigos site) to visit my uncles who live over there. It was a beautiful trip with amazing sights. I also got some selfies with some goats that may or may not be a highlight of my journey. Though it was beautiful and if you’re ever interested, give it a go. However, I would not go for too long as I found myself with little to do on the third day as the town is small and therefore easy to cover everything within two days.

Me and one of my friends and house mates, Tom finally turned 20 on March 31st and April 1st. Weirdly enough, our birthdays are right next to each other. Thus, we celebrated together and with some of our bestest friends.

Now I just had to throw in some pictures of my dogs because they truly was the highlight of my entire 2018. Not even a lie. Look at their faces, what is not to love about them? They came with myself and my family on trips to Wales and Cornwall and got to see some spectacular views.

I hope that you’re 2019 fills you with joy and excitement and hopefully tons of amazing adventures.

Preparing for your adventures.

Travelling is something that people either do or don’t do. But either way, travelling is one of the worlds greatest adventures. Although I wouldn’t say I am as worldly wide as I hoped, I do have a reasonable amount of knowledge upon the area, that I’m willing to share. If you’re here, reading this post you’re either:

A) a traveller who is interested in how other people prepare

B) a newbie traveller, looking for all the advice they can get, or

C) simply curious.

There is no right or wrong in preparing to travel, of course, there are the obvious things that you have to do before you step on a plane and adventure out into another country. But realistically, you can prepare how you want to do it. If you’re going to a destination after destination, some people would rather book before they leave their home country. However, others are more interested in the pure adventure and just going where the wind takes them. I, personally, would rather book beforehand. Although I do love adventure, without the lack of organisation, I would have an anxiety meltdown.

I have travelled a fair amount of times and still, one of my favourite things to do is read articles, watch YouTube videos and admire people’s photography skills, this to me gets me motivated… inspires me to travel and see the world for what it is. However, almost everytime I read or watch or view something relating to travelling there is always some new advice that I come across. Travelling, is constantly changing and developing. Advice is everywhere.

“Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show.”

Travelling is a daunting aspect, whether you’re an avid traveller or new. Every time I step onto a plane, after countless of times being on one. I get a wave of panic, have I forgotten something? what if I don’t like where I’m going? what if it isn’t the great experience I expected? what if I don’t see the places I want to see? But, this is something you have to get over time and time again. It is understandable, you’re going to a new country – maybe alone, maybe with people that you hardly know – most of the time, the culture is different in comparison to your own, people live in a way you could never imagine, language barriers come to clash, you may have never come across some of the food dishes in your life. But although, all these reasons are scary for the individual traveller. They’re also the reason you wanted to travel in the first place.

Therefore, to travel, these are my main tips and tricks:

  • Plan, research & budget: If you wish to take a year out to travel, for this, I would ideally start to plan and research a year or two before. Of course, this all depends on your financial status and whether you can afford the places you wish to go. If not, how long will it take you to save up for those places? Get a job and put so much money away every month. Have a goal target for the years end. Research where you would like to travel to and what type of places you would like to visit once there. Of course, you will be on a time frame so don’t have the expectations that you will be able to see and do everything in a certain country.
  • Bank accounts & SIM cards: Inform your bank that you’re going away. If you’re taking your debit/credit card with you and start to splash the cash, your back will become suspicious about spending abroad and may lock your account. Not something you would like to entertain on your travels. Of course, ring your bank before you travel… sometimes they have offers that can make spending cheaper with your card when abroad. Depending on how long you spend in a country, you may want to consider getting an international SIM card, check the offers that your phone company provides. However, if you plan on spending a month or longer in a country you might want to consider getting a local number.
  • Important documents: Remember you will need your, Passport (maybe even photocopy the identification page just to be on the safe side), you may need to carry around a Visa document, as well as travel insurance, health information and drivers license. It all really depends what you intend to do whilst travelling and how long you’re staying for.
  • Packing: Do not over-pack! This will become an annoyance. Of course, it all depends where you are staying and how long you are staying for. Remember there are always shops abroad. If you really need something, you can buy it there! Don’t pack what you’re unsure of.
  • Who are you travelling with?: It’s always good to know beforehand who will be coming with you or, will you be going alone. If you’re travelling with someone, make sure they won’t back out last minute and leave you stranded. Although, if you have no one to travel with, you can always use apps and website that allows you safely to meet other travellers.

“We have nothing to lose and a world to see”

Regardless of what I’ve written and all the advice that I have given, the most important and vital thing that you can do whilst travelling, is to have fun. Enjoy being in the now, make memories, make friends, laugh, cry… do it all and say YES to everything. Make it a memory of a lifetime.

My Travel Bucket List

There is a lot of places that I would love to travel to before I die. Too many in fact, that I don’t think I could possibly keep track off. However, I thought I’d write as many of the places that I could think of here and maybe one day I will write a post about my experience in one or more of these destinations. Now, I must state these are no way in any type of order.

Great Barrier Reef

Photo credited to Mark Gray

A beautiful and magnificent sight that stretches more than 3000km up the northeastern coast of Australia. The worlds largest set of coral reefs with 400 different types of coral and 1500 species of fish. There has also been a variety of whales, dolphins and porpoises. As well as this, there are six species of sea turtles and 17 different sea snakes. Although, if you’re still not convinced by such a picturesque landscape and species, then the fact that the reef may no longer be around in the next couple of years due to rising sea temperatures that have been bleaching and killing the coral might tempt you to see it before its end. It certainly has me.

Dubrovnik Old City Walls

fort-lovrijenac-and-the-modern-dubrovnik-north-of-the-old-city-wall-croatia (1)
Photo credited to Rich Edwards

According to playwriter, critic, polemicist, and political activist George Bernard Shaw, someone so enchanted by such a beautiful city said that “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik” and referred the place as “the pearl of the Adriatic”. A scenic old town that was also the setting for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones. So, a fan of Game of Thrones? Then you should definitely visit. There is also a variety of Gothic and Renaissance churches, alluring Venetian palazzos with carved fountains. The perfect place to capture so stunning landscape shots.

Temples of Angkor

Photo credited Michael Aquino

Now, who wouldn’t want to see these magnificent and quaint temples, one of the worlds greatest to the Hindu God, Vishnu and the greatest monuments of the Hindu Kingdom. A temple so extraordinary, cut from thousands of sandstone blocks and carved floor-to-ceiling with legends from the Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puranas. Angkor wat has a complex of more than 1000 temples, shrines and tombs that create a literal city. So, if you want to see what beautiful sites the world has to offer Angkor wat should definitely be on your to-do list.

Salar de Uyuni

Photo credited to Cody Gough

Such a beautiful landscape and one of the worlds largest salt flats is Salar de Uyuni. Hotels such as the Palacio de Sal – built solely from salt and when I say built solely from salt, I mean that the walls, floor, ceilings, furniture and even the sculptures are made from salt. It is a literal statement. Taking a tour across the Salar de Uyuni a magnificent scene where the surface water transforms the floor into a mirror. Who wouldn’t want to see something so alluring?

The Ubud Monkey Forest

Photo credited to the monkey forest Ubud website

Who wouldn’t want to visit a bunch of monkeys in their habitat? Roaming around freely. The Ubud Monkey Forest is a nature reserve and Hindu temple complex in Bali, Indonesia. It is a truly magical and enchanting experience and anyone would be lucky if they had the chance to experience such a place. According to the Ubud Monkey Forest website, there are around 600 monkeys residing in the forest. The forest uses the Tri Hita Karana concept, a traditional philosophy “stating three ways to reach physical and spiritual well-being”. Therefore, not only do you get to see a variety of monkeys yet kind find a sense of peace.

The Northern Lights

Photo credited to Jamie Carter

Who wouldn’t want to see such an illuminating and fascinating sight? The perfect place to capture such mesmerizing images. Whilst most people travel to Europe to see the auroras, you can also view the lights in Northern Alaska. I’ve read, that the lights are at their most intense during the months of September and March due to the Earth’s tilt in relation to the sun. There are a number of places where you can stand and watch the northern lights such as; Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Canada.

Thailand Islands


Now, who wouldn’t want to see the beautiful islands in Thailand? Ko Phi Phi is the largest out of all the Thai islands and provides beautiful infrastructures and views.  If you’re into rock climbing, scuba diving and hiking then Koh Tao is the island for you. Becoming more popular in the tourist factor, a variety of bars and nightclubs have opened to regulate to such population. If you’re more into the views such as magnificent waterfalls, white sand beaches, rainforests and coral reefs then adventure off to Ko Chang.

Torres del Paine National Park

Photo credited to Ecocamp Patagonia website

This stunningly beautiful landscape found in the lakes and mountains of Chile is truly a magical and enchanting place. Torres del Paine National park is the perfect place to disconnect yourself from everyday realities and place yourself within the unfathomable mountains. So large and monstrous in size, you seem almost insignificant to the world. As well as this, you can explore Chiles capital Santiago – a city full of dance, theatre and music.

Of course, there are so many places that I would love to visit and hopefully, one day I will. But for now, for today I’ll only share a few destinations.