Many wild animals worldwide are being kept in heartbreaking conditions. Though many people disagree with such treatment many are not doing anything to protect and help these helpless animals. Heinous people across the world are forcing magnificent animals such as lions, bears, dolphins, whales and many more into a life of torture and exploitation all in the name of entertainment.

As human’s we have the power to end such suffering by protecting and conserving wildlife in their natural habitat. There are multiple organisations that shout for the protection of these animals, providing us – today’s society with the knowledge and power of what we can do to help. Everyone of us has a part to play no matter how big or small. Adopt an animal, report exploitation, donate, fundraise or volunteer. Ever little helps. Animals whether in the wild or captivity are all important and deserve our time and compassion to preserve their nature.

So many animals are confined into conditions that threaten the lifespan of many species. Many people use zoo’s as a form of entertainment to view animal’s they would not see elsewhere. Although, there are so many animal welfare issues people fail to see. The space that animals are confined in are often restricted in terms of space and more often than not the enclosures do not contain the right necessities for the animals. This often results in premature deaths of these magnificent animals as well as abnormal behaviour. Though there are many debates that suggest animals born into captivity no nothing more than their enclosure. To an extent, this is true. However, no human can remove an animals natural instincts. Animal’s are forced to perform a crowd and to entertain human’s but who are we to say animal’s are a form of entertainment? Animal’s in circuses and shows are littered with evidence that compromise animal welfare. Do a duty for these animal’s and do not endorse this.

For more information on animal welfare in zoo’s please have a read of the extended conditions animals endure on the Born Free site.

There are so many organisations that dedicate their life to helping captive animals. But they cannot continue their work without the help from YOU. Help now, help the future of wildlife. Protect the wildlife.


Do your little bit to help.